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The direction of the bathroom according to Vastu Consultant in Noida. So in this article I will reveal the best place for you internal arrangement. Bathroom tiles should be light and yellow. The bathroom area in the northeast is balanced, so use any light shade from blue. Vastu recommendations for the post of bathroom. Toilets and bathrooms become a major source of negative energy or if they are not built according to the rules and guidelines of Vastu. Morning sun falls on our body after bathing rays coming from the east which is very useful. Bathrooms may not have a southeast and want a southwest direction.

Vastu Consultant in Noida

Vastmanage-your-blog-from-your-live-siteu Shastra Colors for Bathrooms in North East advised by vastu expert in Noida is given here. South-sided bathrooms may adversely affect the health of the female member. Attached bathrooms should always be on the west or northwest side of the room. According to Vastu for the bathroom the doors should never be in the southwest direction. For bathrooms do not use marble or granite tiles for bathroom flooring, always choose non-slippery flooring. When considering Vastu tax for home you should pay special attention to making toilets and bathrooms in your house according to the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

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Vastu tips for bathroom toilet. The bathroom adjacent to the southeast corner in the east direction is very useful. Go on and read our Vastu Consultant in Ghaziabad vastu shastra tips below. Ideally a bathroom can be placed on the eastern side of the house. Vastu Shastra Colors for Bathrooms. You make sure that it is in the southeast and northwest direction. Make a washing machine. An architect uses architectural guidelines in the design of a bathroom to ensure that it is not a source of negative energy. Scientists Explains in a manner. If you want a space for changing room then make it in south or west direction as suggested in the bathroom direction according to Vastu. Vastu rules for bathrooms are as follows.

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The toilets should be constructed to the west of the building or the north west side. Fitting of pipes for drained water should be provided in north east. According to bathroom vastu expert in Ghaziabad should be located in north or north west portion of the house. Its good to keep the bathroom clean as proper sanitation lets positive energies flow freely according to vastu for septic tanks bathroom pipes must have their outlets in the north or east direction. If bathroom is located in wrong direction it can cause health and financial problems. If the bathroom zone in North East is cut or low then use any light shade of silver gray white or any metallic color. Adjacent to the bathrooms and near the kitchen a small washing room for washing utensils is very convenient. As per the experts the most suitable area for developing a washroom is east.

Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad

Vaastu shastra is a developed branch of Indian astrology for science of dwelling architecture. The vastu infographic will show you the pros and cons of a house vastu. Vastu chart or map for house by Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad. There should be more doors in the north and east than south and west. They set the rules for the construction of buildings and temples and have been the practice for the same centuries to interconnected with architectural astrology like temples, palaces, monuments etc. to build old architectural wonders. Should be opened inside the main gate and should be clockwise.

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